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A venture capital fellowship program that leverages student networks to identify and vet startup founders for accelerators, angels, and venture capital firms and teaches. Our fellowship program lets students from non-target universities gain firsthand experience in scouting and doing due diligence along with access to talks with industry professionals and venture capital education.
Our GenZScouts program is a semester-long program dedicated to both teaching our fellows about the ins and outs of Venture Capital along with having our fellows be able to talk with entrepreneurs and be able to learn how to source startups. Fellows will attend weekly speaker sessions with the top VCs in the industry, be able to attend virtual office/happy hours, participate in Clubhouse chats, and connect with other fellows from around the country. Past cohort fellows have been gone on to intern at a variety of VC firms and startups.

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Find top startups outside of traditional ecosystems with our scout network and get personalized deals sent directly to your inbox every week. If you are a preseed or seed investor, our dealflow might be a great fit for you!

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